Welcome to La Houlette de vie Bakery. Bread & Pasteries from local, organic grains, freshly milled flour and naturally fermented doughs.

✻ La Houlette de Vie – The Staff of Life (French)


Range of breads currently available.
All breads are made with organic ingridiens and use of natural fermentation for leavening.

Pain au Levain

Made with Orchard Hill Farm's and K2 Milling freshly milled, organic flour. Wheat, water, natural culture (levain) salt.


Made with Orchard Hill Farm's and K2 Milling freshly milled, organic flour. This loaf is similar to Pain au Levain (above) but with addition of toasted grains (sunflower, flax, sesame, pamkin).


Made using Orchard Hill Farm's grown and milled spelt, this simple loaf combines the added nutritional benefits with those of naturally fermented wheat.


100% rye flour from Orchard Hill Farm, natural culture, water, salt.

Wise Walnut-Raisin

Pain au levain base with the addition of organic Walnuts, Raisin, and a hint of Sage.


Normally a yeasted dough, this baguette instead uses a traditional culture.


An olive oil based dough with herbes de provence and coarse sea salt.


Made with naturally leavened dough. The dough is layered with organic butter, rolled and folded several times to create a great tasting croissant.


Various locations where the bread
can be currently purchased

Covent Garden Market

London, ON
Thursday 8 - 1pm (summer)
Saturday 8 - 1pm (summer) 9 - 1pm (winter)
Farmer’s market moves indoors (2nd level) starting in January

Horton Street Market

St. Thomas, ON
Saturday 8 - 12pm (summer)

Stratford Slow Food Market

Stratford, ON
Each Sunday at the Falstaff family centre

Orchard Hill Farm

Sparta, ON
Please use this order form

Common Ground Farm

St. Thomas, ON
Please use this link to place your order for Common Ground pick-up

Sunday Bread

Not available in the summer.
Location: TBD Hours: TBD
Cut-off for placing orders: TBD


La Houlette De Vie translates to “The Staff of Life” a phrase that makes reference to bread’s role as an important diet staple the world. This bread will fill you up for hours with nutrients that aren’t found in bread that has been mass produced.

All La Houlette De Vie doughs are naturally fermented and made with only flour, water, sourdough, and salt. This is a process that can take up to 24 hours from start to finish.

The flour for La Houlette De Vie breads comes form: Orchard Hill Farm, K2 Milling, Meunerie Milanaise


Seth Wiggin (Miller / Baker / Seller)

Phone / Text: 519-319-3517
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